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Beauty's Only Skin Deep

Fuck Beauty♥
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This community has been put to rest. You can still acess old entries VIA the memories or calendar.

The Summary:
I made my own community, because I've seen so many rating communities where the members were accepted yet they have shit for personality. So I made a community where you can do whatever you want. It can be used as a rating community if you'd like, just do whatever, but all the members must be accepted according to an application that tells the other members about you first.

ATTENTION: This community has moderated submissions. This means that when you submit your application it does not go automatically to the community. It is sent to a special inbox for the moderaters to approve. If your application is under the proper cut and bolded accordingly, then we will approve it for voting. If it doesn't meet any of the criteria it will be sent back to your email adress with the reason why you recieved in hopes you fix it and re-submit.

The Rules (and Extended Summary):
1) When you apply you are not allowed to post any pictures of yourself, however if you would like you can post pictures you've drawn or painted, whatever you want to share. You can even give us pictures and ask us to rate them, as long as you've already been accepted. Once you are accepted feel free to post whatever you want.
2) All you have to do is fill out the application below. That gives us an idea of who you are and if the members like it, you're in. If not, tough luck sweetie, don't apply again, you are who you are. If you are rejected it doesn't make you a bad person, just not a person a majority of the voting members happened to like. That doesn't make the person who voted against you a bad person either so please, no replying to rejections with nasty comments. All posts/applications are moderated now, and you could be rejected as soon as you apply if your answers are generic or short. Simply for the sake of saving time and energy on the existing members parts.
3) When you apply you must make the application under a cut which will say "beauty's.only.skin.deep" so that we know you read the rules. If you don't know how to make something under a cut please see the section titled "Instructions" towards the bottom of the userinfo.
4) In order to be accepted you must receive at least 5 yes votes, and same goes for rejection. You must receive 5 no votes in order to be rejected. Please have patience, your application must be posted for at least 24 hours before we will stamp it in order to give members enough time to get their opinion in.
5) New members should include a link in their application to a page(weather it's another community or even just a comment somebody's livejournal)where they promoted this community. Either using one of the communities promotional banners or simply a link to its userinfo page.
6) When voting: Please put yes or no in the subject line so It's easier for us to tally up the votes. Also If you do vote no, you must give a legitimate reason why. If either of these qualifications aren't met your vote will not be counted, but I'll make sure to let you know if its not counted so you can resubmit it and have it counted.
7) Absolutely NO voting on other peoples applications when you yourself have yet to be stamped. Even if you have 20 yeses. You're not a member until you are stamped, so do NOT vote or even comment for that matter, on any applications other than your own untill you have been stamped. Stamped means a mod will give you a acceptance banner, or has notified you in some way or another you have been accepted or rejected.
8) Well I can't think of anything else you need to know, feel free to notify me either by e-mail or in my personal journal if you have any questions or suggestions.

I know I shouldn't do this for you lazy shits, but I'm going to for whatever reason. I'm sick of trying to read applications where the questions aren't bolded. It hurts my head. But I can't really penalize you for not doing it.. because it is a pain in the ass. So click here for the pre-coded application.. all you have to do is copy and paste it (not in rich text mode!) and everything's already the way we want it. Now I can penalize you, because if you're too lazy to click the link then you aren't deserving of all the time the members take to read your application.

The Application:

Promotional Banners:

Picture #1:

--That's what the banner will look like credit to creepxcake for doing a lovely job :)

Picture #2:

--Thank you to pink_volcom for making this one!

Picture #3:

--Great thanks goes to nina__.

--These take you directly to the userinfo page.


--Members, if you're ever bored feel free to design a creative Benners or Rejection or Acceptance stamps for us.


We seem to be recieving complaints when people apply or get rejected that they had a hard time applying so this should clear up all confusion(i should hope)

To read and write:
Many applicants and even members seem to have severe problems with grammar and just writing in general, so here is what you need. It is a post made by the lovely nina(nina__) who took her own time to help make this entry in order to promote the sanity of herself and other members. If you have problems with confusing simple words like "right" and "write" or "whose" and "who's" then you would benefit from reading this entry. It will help you from getting severly bitched at when applying, and just in life in general.

To apply and post:
First if you haven’t already...click the link in the user-info (on the very top) that says something about if you would like to join this community click here an do a little more clicking and you’re in..then you need to copy the application from the user info and go to journal update..after you paste it in there and put it behind an lj-cut (see user info for how to do that) you look below the entry where it says "you are looking at the simple page. for more options click here." then click here, and there should be something right there that says journal to post in (I think that’s what is says) but whatever it says...next to it, it will say USERNAME(default) with an arrow next to it. Hit the arrow and it should list all the communities you've joined. Scroll down to fuck_beauty and then just hit update at the bottom...I don’t think you're an idiot...I just didn't want to leave any loose ends lol let me know if you need any farther advice.

If you are having trouble applying, here's where to look. This is the code you're going to need, incase you don't know how to do an lj-cut.

But notice when you do this..where I wrote application you must delete that and replace the word APPLICATION with they application you filled out. You'd be surprised the number of applications I've received with an lj cut to nothing titled APPLICATION. Lol it's not a problem though don't worry about it. at least I know you read the rules that way haha.

Misc. Stuff:
The members list can be found here.


...Yours truly, Whitney [cutewithouthe_e]

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